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Fewer Models, More Tech at Paris Auto Show PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 November 2018

It is always interesting to see what's happening outside the office and on the other side of the walls, isn't it? Why reinvent the wheel; why start from scratch if what we want already exists? This past month's VISION Congress and Paris auto show provided great opportunities for seeing what's up and around. Last week we talked about VISION; now it's the auto show's turn. Here are the six main takeaway points we retain from our walk-through of the show:

  • More and more light module variety: squares, ovals, vertical and horizontal rectangles; and a wide range of sizes.
  • Use of front (especially DRLs) and rear (especially tail) lights for visual signature.
  • Slimmer headlamps and rear lamps; rear lamps are also wider.
  • Makers battling for added value and new customer experience with strong, appealing communication by suppliers like Plastic Osmium (exterior lighting), Faurecia (interior lighting), and Valeo (sensors and A.D.).
  • More animated signal lights for style, safety, and communication.
  • High level of interest, even despite several automakers' absence.

Technologies and styles impossible just a few years ago are now present in a wide array of variants at the auto shows. It proves the amazing progress being made now and prepared for the future in the lighting world—though the lack of communication about ADB is regrettable; it being the breakthrough of the decade.

This week we bring you detail about these six takeaways from the autoshow, and also the DVN Report itself.

In other news :
Registrations for the lidar DVN Conference are now closed; we've got a capacity crowd and cannot accept more registrations. Start making your plans to attend the DVN Workshop coming up in January in Rochester, near Detroit, timed to coincide with the auto show there.

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