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Monday, 29 October 2018

Since we announced the first DVN Conference on automotive lidar, we've had very enthusiastic feedback from the vehicle lighting and lidar communities. Over 70 companies have already confirmed their participation! Automakers include Audi, Ford, Honda, Hyundai Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati, Nio, Opel, Porsche, PSA, Renault, Toyota, Volvo cars.
Set Makers & Tier 1 suppliers: Automotive lighting, Hasco Vision Technology, Hella, Koito, Olsa, Magneti Marielli, Mobis, SL Corporation, Stanley Electric, Valeo, Varroc, ZKW.
ADAS & Lidar suppliers: ADAS-MC, Aeye, Blickfeld, Continental, Denso, OQmented, Huawei Technologies, ID Quantique, Infineon-Innoluce, Innoviz, LeddarTech, Liangdao, Mobileye, Ouster, Robert Bosch, Vedecom, Velodyne, Veoneer, XenomatiX.
Tier 2 suppliers: 3M, AGC Automotive, Altuglas, AML Systems, Arkema, Auer-Lighting, Automotive Solutions, Buhler Alzenau, Covestro, Docter Optics, Everlight, GX Coatings, Lumileds, Mentor Graphics, ANSYS-OPTIS, Osram, Osram-Continental, Mechaless, Mitsubishi Electrics, Momentive, Optics Balzers, Optoflux, Red Spot Paint, Sabic IP, Segula technologies, Seoul Semiconductor, Son-X, Synopsys, W.L. Gore, Webasto, Weisser+Griesshabe, Yole Development, Zollner.
Universities, Research Labs: TU Darmstadt, Fraunhofer ISIT.
14 countries will be represented, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

That's a knockout list—still growing—and it reflects on the significance of the event, with features such as:
• lectures on lidar technologies by the likes of Infineon, Innoviz, Jennoptik, LeddarTech, Ouster, Valeo, Velodyne, and Fraunhofer IMS, completed by pitch presentations from Aeye, Blickfeld, Xenomatix, and other lidar players.
• presentations on integration of lidar in front and rear lamps by Audi, Ford, PSA, Renault, Hella, Koito, Valeo, and ZKW;
• Panel discussions on lidar technology and integration with top lidar and lighting experts.
Find the full docket online, as well as registration information. Given the current number of registred attendees and the maximum capacity of the conference hall, registrations will close by the end of this week on November 2nd.

Truly, your attendance at the first DVN Lidar Conference will be richly rewarded with informative lectures and presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, intriguing expositions, and the kind of opportunity for productive networking that has become a hallmark of DVN Conferences and Workshops. We'll see you there!

We've received word that a recently-published article gave the erroneous impression, based on an ambiguous translation, that Koito and Osram had coöperatively developed and commercialised new tail lamps using Osram's standardised XLS "led bulbs". In fact, the two companies enjoy a strong tier-1-to-tier-2 relationship: Osram make the XLS units and supply them to Koito, who use them in tail lamps of their own design and build—which is notable as a sign that XLS "led bulbs" are gaining traction in the market. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify the situation.

Sincerely yours

DVN President


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