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Regulation, Promotion are Key to Lighting Future
Monday, 18 June 2018

The lighting ecosystem is doing a wonderful job in realising and commercialising technologies, and we saw a sample of those achievements at the DVN Tokyo Workshop earlier this month. Take a look this week at the Video Interview of Paul-Henri Matha, Renault, Head of Lighting, Cluster, Seat, Safety System, at the Video Interviews of Claus Allgeier, VP Business & Technology Development, Osram Automotive OEM, and Rainer Neumann, VP Global Technology, Varroc, during our Tokyo Workshop. Both highlight the uniqueness of DVN workshops and why DVN weekly Newsletter has become their prefered communication media in the realm of Lighting and ADAS.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that two aspects of our community's work are especially crucial these days: regulation and advertisement.

Vehicle lighting is, above all, safety equipment. Its primary main job is to prevent death, injury, and property damage. Innovations can't be put into road traffic without an applicable regulation—see the example of ADB in the USA. We are doing a good job as a community, largely on strength of Geoff Draper's persistence, patience, and adept work as GTB President. This week we've got an in-depth article from him about the state of the ongoing efforts to simplify the current regulations and lay the groundwork for new regulations to cover new kinds of lights on autonomous cars. Look also at his video interview during the 2018 Tokyo workshop.

As for promotion: we have a great opportunity, really an unprecedented opportunity, to promote the fruits of our work. The pace of technological breakthroughs is exponential: halogen in 1962 and HID in 1992 were separated by three decades' time. Now the breakthroughs come almost too fast to count. Two of the main ones, of course, are LEDs and ADB. The opportunity is right in front of us—we must grab hold and run with it! We have got to communicate to car buyers and drivers, to automakers and setmakers about these wonderful innovations.

Sincerely yours

DVN President


In depth...

GTRs: Asian Colleagues Show Support at DVN Workshop
Monday, 18 June 2018

By Geoff Draper, GTB President — Special Report to DVN

Previously I have explained my motivation to work on building an industry consensus to seek the support of governments to develop GTRs (Global Technical Regulations) under the UN 1998 Agreement. Since 2011 we have been laying the groundwork to remove barriers to innovation by simplifying and harmonising the existing regulations. Over the past six years much has already been achieved, but we have now reached a stage where a step change is required to develop requirements suitable for global implementation of innovations, instead of perpetuating the current system of parallel UN regulations and other national mandatory standards that are almost impossible to synchronise and which present major barriers for manufacturers.

As this 17th workshop was held in Tokyo, I took the opportunity to organise a regulatory session centred round the opinions of our Asian colleagues from Japan, China, India, and South Korea, and I am grateful for their willingness to participate. The two hour session consisted of:

  • An opening speech by Mr. Hiroyuki Inomata, Director of Technical Planning Office, Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). Mr. Inomata also holds very important positions at the UN Global Forum in Geneva as Chair of WP.29-AC3 (the administrative committee for the UN 1998 Agreement) and Chair of the WP.29 Informal Group on ITS/Automated Driving.
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