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Sunday, 22 July 2018

 The Frankfurt lidar conference held on November 19-20, 2018  was a smashing success.

This lidar conference increased and expanded reciprocal knowledge of lidar and lighting technologies and techniques, and brought together the lidar and lighting worlds to get to know one another much better. We at DVN are now convinced that integration of lidar in the headlamp makes sense, but there are still some challenges: high temperature inside the headlamp; dirt, condensation, and ice, and volume required by lidar components versus shrinking packaging allowances for headlamps.

At the end of the conference,DVN was proud of the lidar and lighting community members now talking and listening with one another, most of them having not met before the conference—even those who work in the lidar and lighting departments of the same company.We are sure we will soon see lidar integration in lights first in concept cars and then in production cars.

We've posted on our DVN website lecture slides, photos, and videos from the event.

Enjoy scrolling through these documents, especially for those amongst you who could not attend this exceptional lidar conference.