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The Future of Exterior Lighting 
Published 23 July, 2019
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Whistling While We Work

As you've seen in these last weeks, every Tuesday we bring you all the news about lighting, driver assistance, and human and machine driver vision—even over the summer holidays. The DVN team are hard at work to keep you informed, and to build forthcoming reports. Over the next four months you can anticipate:

  • The IAA (Frankfurt motor show) report on 17 September—several DVN experts will go see the show to publish the report promptly before the end of the show;
  • The ISAL report in October, wherein you will find summaries of the lectures, a great many pictures, and links to released lecture slide shows;
  • A new report in November on vehicle lighting in America—DVN Chief Editor Daniel Stern is already working to make a best-in-class report covering what's doing on the island where the rest of the world's rules and practices don't apply;
  • Our interior lighting report comes in December, and Jean-Paul Charret, former R&D director of R&D at Valeo Lighting, is visiting involved companies to make a high-quality report.

Our team is also working on improvements to the DVN website to integrate DVN-I and to have a more modern look.

And we're preparing for the lidar conference to be held in early December.

Dear readers, from all of us at Driving Vision News, we wish you happy holidays for those going and already on holiday, and a lot of pleasure reading our Driving Vision News productions for those who are present in their office this summer!

Sincerely yours,

DVN President

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Lighting News

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AMS Pitch Osram Takeover Bid

AMS Pitch Osram Takeover Bid

Sensor makers AMS have thrown their hat into the ring—or, more specifically, thy've...

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Driver Assistance News

Top News

QuickSwitch PLD Gives High Resolution for Lidar

Laser Components got started in 1982 in Germany as a company for the sale and production...

Lidar Lines Up for Mass-Market Cars: Velodyne Interview

Lidar Lines Up for Mass-Market Cars: Velodyne Interview

Yole Développment expect autonomous driving to have a huge impact on lidar technology...

Bosch Work Toward 3D Displays

Digital displays are becoming a key vehicle feature. In the cockpits of the future,...

AVs' Long Road is Paved with Money

Autonomous cars are still as far as a decade away from general availability, despite...

Magna Open Michigan Factory to Focus on Cameras

Magna's electronics division opened a US$50m factory in Canada, with 20,000 m2 for...

Lidar Industry Expansion Carries On

A Busy Week for Lidar Tech Builders

Synopsis to Buy QTronic

Daimler, Bosch in Official Auto-Park Launch

Brose's Automated Vehicle Access

Luminar's Low-Cost Lidar for Production Cars

Veoneer's Financials

Mobis' Side View Camera

Velodyne Buy Mapper for ADAS Launch

Quanergy, Chery in AV/Smart City Pact

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General Information

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ZF to Combat Motion Sickness

ZF say they are working with neuroscientists from Germany's Saarland region to put...

Magna in U.S. Big Biz Win

Magna have won seating business in North America and will supply structures from...

Bosch Open Digital Car Tech R&D Labs in Shanghai

Bosch have opened an R&D centre in Shanghai to focus on the development of digital...

West Europe Market Flat in July

New car sales in Western Europe grew by just 0.1% year-on-year (YoY) in July according...

PSA, Dongfeng to drop 2 China auto plants, halve workforce, Reuters reports

PSA Group and partner Dongfeng Motor have agreed to cut thousands of jobs in China...

Global Auto Market Risk is On the Rise

Lanxess' New Heat-Reflecting Plastic Pigment

Novelis Launch New Sheet Aluminium

Toyota in Top Slot for H1–19

The Millionth Seat Leon

JLR, BASF Cooperate on Plastics Recycling

Oliver Zipse, new Chairman of BMW

West European Car Sales Down Again

BMW, Daimler in AV Development Pact

Ford, VW Agree to Share EV, AV Tech

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IAA Frankfurt auto show
September 17th, 2019
ISAL congress report
October 15th, 2019
Vehiclee lighting in US
November 19th, 2019

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The Future of Exterior Lighting 
Published 23 July, 2019
Available. Learn more...

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Conference on Lidar
December 2-3, 2019
September 23-25, 2019


IAA Frankfort
Frankfort, Germany
September 14-22, 2019
Press days: September 12-13