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Monday, 21 November 2011
How and when these new LED technologies will impact the US automotive market is the central question which will be discussed among automotive lighting players during our DVN January 2012 Workshop in Detroit. “Promoting energy efficient and intelligent lighting technologies has become a must for participants to survive in this market” (extract from Frost & Sullivan's latest market analysis)

LED lighting technology has already made inroads with various premium car models, thanks to the unlimited possibilities LED have brought in styling differentiation. The inexorable march towards LED will have implications for all market participants, requiring alignment of products, engineering skills, and capacities.

The event will take place at a First class Detroit hotel within easy commuting distance to Cobo Center and the Detroit airport.

After a Meet & Greet soirée on Monday evening, 9 January, the workshop will take place on Tuesday, 10 January.




Over 80 participants representing automakers and automotive lighting suppliers involved in the US market have confirmed their attendance, all of them DVN Gold members. The target of the workshop is to describe the parameters and effects of LED technology in the American automotive lighting market, and more specifically.

• To allow an exchange of experience, desires, and ideas among American, Japanese, Korean, and European participants on LED technologies for automotive lighting;

• To catch the trends concerning automotive LEDs in the forthcoming 10 years in terms of technology and technique, market penetration depth and width, lighting performance, regulations, and thermal efficiency;

• To outline the strengths and weaknesses of LED vehicle lighting: safety, environment, durability, obsolescence, standardization, regulations; concerns about materials, etc.;

• To exchange information on LED features in order to help designers and engineers build new styling-differentiated rear and front lamps within realistic production constraints.

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US Auto Show Report: Lighting as Brand Signature PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 February 2012
This week, we release our DVN report on the 2012 North American International Auto Show at Detroit. The report focuses closely on the lighting equipment, technology, and techniques that are new or otherwise interesting and notable. There are more than 200 clear, sharp, high-dynamic-range photos presented to show lighting devices and configurations not often seen outside North America.

2012's North American International Auto Show was different to 2011's in a very substantial way. Last year's was revolutionary, while this year's was mostly evolutionary. It is exciting to see the American market begin to catch some of the passion for lighting that has long been lopsidedly European and Asian. The 2012 Detroit motor show featured a lot of American cars with lighting much better and fancier than it minimally has to be. We can all look forward to new innovations and contributions to the global state of the art from North American practitioners.

The report focuses on good and interesting lights on cars. Not so much on the whole cars; there are hundreds of sources for photos from any angle and full specifications for all the cars displayed at NAIAS. What you can get only in this DVN report is close-up photos of the lights, specially processed to show maximum detail of interest to Driving Vision News community members. The bulk of the content of this report is pictorial rather than textual. Most of the photos show production cars now or soon on sale, but many of them show concept cars. The lighting systems on these, too, are evolving visibly; we take keen note that the placeholders, the dummy-lights, have a much more salient "watch-this-space" aspect to them. They're no longer simple plastic plates, now they show us what the designers have in mind: more light guides, more artistic optics, more drawing with light, and lots more LEDs!

All of this is miraculous, though none of it is a miracle. Rather, it's the result of incalculable man- and woman-hours of research and development, learning from the way it was done before, and doing it better the next time, and the next time, and all the times after that. We have a clearer-than-ever picture not just of what tomorrow's cars will look like, but what the lights on those cars will look like. And this report brings that picture—those pictures—to you.

Sincerely yours

DVN General Editor

VISION Call For Papers: Deadline Looms PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 February 2012
The Call for Papers for this year's VISION congress deadline is 6 March . Since the CfP opened three weeks ago, abstracts have been coming in very fast. We expect to receive around 100 abstracts all in all. These will be proposed to the Scientific Committee on 13 March, and 30 papers will be selected for presentation. Please jump in and participate! Send your abstract on lighting or ADAS innovations to the SIA (French Society of Automotive Engineers).
This year's VISION will be an exceptional congress. Never before have so many new technologies and techniques were under development in these two fields. The congress this year is very specially located in front of the Chateau de Versailles, with a special area to welcome over 400 expected attendees and participants and a grand large area for exhibitions. More than 25 cars are expected, most of them demonstrators together with some new cars unveiled at the Paris Motor Show which will be open at the same time. VISION '12 will be the event of the year for lighting and ADAS experts.
Topics of special interest in lighting include:
- Status and future development of light sources, mainly Xenon 35/25w, LEDs and OLEDs
- New Lighting and signalling systems
- Simulation and testing
Particular subjects of interest in ADAS include:
- Enhanced visualization of the infrastructure
- E copilot with situation awareness, on board system and cooperative systems
- HMI, Human Machine Interface
- Technology

I personally ask all worldwide experts on lighting and ADAS to present an abstract. Lighting and ADAS technologies and techniques are zooming onward and upward at an unprecedented pace and it is a fantastic opportunity for each and all of you to emphasise the quality of your work during this 2012 VISION congress.

Sincerely yours

DVN General Editor

Time Travel: It Was 20 Years Ago Today… PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 November 2011

By Daniel Stern, Global Editor

Last month I moved across Canada from Toronto, Ontario (4 hours' drive Northeast of Detroit, Michigan) to Vancouver, British Columbia (2-1/2 hours' drive North of Seattle, Washington). I made the move in a car both new and old: when I set out, it had travelled only 30,000 km in the two decades since it was manufactured.

The car is a 1991 Dodge Spirit ES 3.0, which was exported to Europe as the Chrysler Saratoga —now mostly but not entirely forgotten. I drove a route of some 5,000 km through the United States, by day and by night. It was an interesting sort of time-capsule experience, allowing me to experience a fairly average American car of 20 years ago, more or less as it would've been 20 years ago; the car has been used only as much as the average 18-month-old model. It is certainly not the oldest vehicle I've driven across North America in modern traffic; that honour goes to a 1962 model, and last year I made the trip in a 1973 model. This 1991 Dodge, in contrast, has most of the basics of what makes a modern car. It has electronic fuel injection and computerised engine management, front-wheel drive, a computer-controlled automatic transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes, a driver airbag, 3-point seat belts, and so on. But on the other hand, it shows its age by what it lacks: the driver airbag is the only one. There's not a single LED anywhere in or on the car. The only driver assistant is a trip computer that displays fuel economy and elapsed time. And the lighting system is utterly basic: low-tech incandescent bulbs, parabolic reflectors, and optic lenses throughout, though this particular model,

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Bayraktarlar Aims High with Odelo Buy PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 November 2011
In this DVN exclusive interview, Farba owner Ahmet Bayraktarlar discusses his company's purchase of Odelo.

DVN: Farba are now a world-class lighting player. Could introduce yourself and your company? How did you arrive at this level?
Ahmet Bayraktarlar: Some people spend all their lives following an obsessing dream about every single detail about what they do and try to excel in their field. Similarly I found myself at Farba right after my college graduation in 1979. Ever since that day, I pushed Farba ever forward.

Towards our journey to become a worldwide lighting player I had the opportunity to make good partners and customers; I always tried to keep good relations with them.
I also tried to follow the latest trends in automotive lighting and made the right investment decisions at the right times. Another key in our success is that I make all our employees believe that they can one day become part of a world class lighting manufacturer. In short: hard work and determination are the key to my success.

DVN: Could you present your Bayraktarlar Group and your strategy?
A.B.: Bayraktarlar Group is a family owned investment group. We primarily conduct business in four segments. They are automotive resale, automotive lighting, construction and hotel operations. We used to provide parts to OEMs' global projects locally in Turkey. We then started to provide parts to the European OEMs in Europe and had the opportunity to realise ever growing customer expectations and harsher competition there. Our hard work and empathy towards the customers led OEMs to award us for our successes. The latest award we received was Toyota’s European Contribution Award given to Farba in Japan for Farba’s overall performance in 2010. All these awards and achievements supported our Vision of becoming a World class automotive lighting supplier. With Odelo joining our group, we set our vision to become a world class global automotive lighting supplier.

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