Valeo Buy Peiker for Connectivity Tech PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 December 2015

Valeo have purchased Peiker, a German supplier of onboard telematics and mobile connectivity solutions. The acquisition will enable Valeo to widen their range of connectivity-related products.

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Audi Headlamps Text While Driving PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 April 2016

Audi is generally recognised as the brand that touched off the vehicle lighting revolution. But as the technology race continues to heat up, it becomes ever more challenging to hold onto the leadership role.

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Cheap, Flat Optics From Paint Whitener? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 June 2016

A team of researchers in the United States have devised extremely small, super-sharp lenses made of paint whitener on slivers of glass. The results, they say, could

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PSA Lauds Smart Battery Sensor Achievements PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 June 2016

PSA Peugeot-Citroën have given the Hella electronics plant in Hamm the Best Plant Award. This prestigious prize was awarded in particular for the outstanding

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Google Patents Autonomous Pullover for Cops PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 September 2016

Human drivers know—or at least, we're supposed to know—to pull over to the side of the road immediately to make way for a police car, ambulance, or fire truck approaching

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