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2018 Vision Report
Published 4th December, 2018
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At Least 11 DVN Reports Coming in 2019

Difficult to believe the end of 2018 is almost upon us, isn't it! At DVN we're already hard at work with our sights set on next year; in 2019 we'll be publishing at least eleven DVN Reports, with special coverage in between. We're adjusting our approach to the big American auto shows to bring you more relevant coverage: the Los Angeles Auto Show is becoming more and more important, so it will replace NAIAS as the focus of our major North American motor show coverage. And in addition, the report on the Los Angeles Auto Show will come with reportage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

We'll also be shortening the report publication timeframe, so DVN Reports are released sooner after the subject event—the idea is to get you informed as quickly as can be. 2019's planned docket of DVN Reports includes:

  • January: LAAS and CES
  • February: Volkswagen profile
  • March: Geneva auto show
  • April: Materials in vehicle lighting
  • May: Shanghai auto show
  • June: Status and Outlook of Regulations
  • July: Integration of ADAS in Lamps
  • September: IAA Frankfurt auto show
  • October: ISAL congress
  • November: Vehiclee lighting in US
  • December: Interior lighting

So there's a wide array of subject matter on the agenda, catering to the interests and curiosities of, we hope, all of the DVN readhership.

Shifting topical gears: the DVN US Workshop in Michigan is coming soon—it's just next month. All the expo booth space has been snapped up; we're looking forward to a diverse and intriguing show-and-tell aspect to the Workshop, and unfortunately we cannot accept any more applications for expo space. Workshop seats always fill up fast, and that's happening again, so you'll want to register if you haven't already done so.

Sincerely yours,

DVN President

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2018 Vision Report
Published 4th December, 2018
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WCX SAE World Congress,
Detroit, USA
9-11 April, 2019
DVN US workshop
Rochester, MI
15-16 January, 2019


Geneva Auto Show,
5-17 March (Press 5-6), 2019
Detroit, USA
14-27 January (Press 14-15), 2019
Las Vegas, USA
8-12 January, 2019