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Lamp Aim: More Crucial Than Ever

We had a lot of good feedback in response to our presentation of thermal simulation developments by Mentor Graphics.

Building on that momentum, today we present in-depth coverage of headlamp aim control as addressed by AML Systems, a major supplier of levelling devices.

Attaining and maintaining correct lamp aim has always been crucial to proper seeing and glare control, but understanding and recognition of just how important it is has become more widespread lately in response to the likes of the IIHS ratings.

I always felt involved by the question of aiming. The much more powerful headlamps and sharper low-beam cutoffs we have achieved mean that more than ever before, the consequences of improper aim are severe. Lamps aimed too high means dangerous glare. Too low means inadequate seeing. Either error spoils the wonderful job lighting engineers and designers have done recently to improve the performance potential of headlamps. We must find a safety solution which works in all traffic conditions. ADB decreases the consequences of bad aim, but it doesn't entirely solve the problem—the basic aim still has to be set correctly by a human.

While it varies by maker and region, in general a major issue is that a compromise is chosen with aim set too low to avoid glare, which degrades the reach of the light beam. IIHS' surveys show that most of the time, aim is too low. And as we analysed a couple of weeks ago, the video of the Uber collision shows very clearly the low beam cutoff is much too close to the car.

So in our In-depth report this week you will discover AML Systems, a Johnson Electric Group company, a French supplier dedicated to leveling systems. We describe their history, organisation, products, plants, footprint, and performance. I was impressed by the dynamism and the involvement of the R&D team who continuously strive to improve their core products and introduce very promising innovative new ones. In particular, their new development, in partnership with WL Gore vent technology, concerns a smart solution to address condensation issues in LED headlamps. A lecture by AML Systems about this innovation has been accepted by the VISION Scientific Committee, so be ready to be estonished in Paris this Autumn.

Sincerely yours

DVN President

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