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Industry Profiles
2017 Israel Start-up Ecosystem
Monday, 11 September 2017

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Mapping of Israeli Autonomous Vehicles Startups published by YL Ventures in VentureBeat

Innovation and knowledge production are rooted deep within the cultural DNA of Israel. Establishing a state in a land that is over 50% desert, under constant threat, led to the development of a highly advanced technological industry.

In recent years, Israel has entered a new era in which over 1,500 new hi-tech companies are established annually and the development of countless new and breakthrough technologies creates a race between the largest multinational corporations' venture arms, global VCs and other investment entities all converging on Israel to invest in their growth and acquire their next best technologies. After IT and cyber-tech, the latest disruptive technological cluster is automotive.

In a first chapter this report presents the key factors to Israel's success incubating startups: a long history of entrepeneurship and knowledge production, world-renowned universities, targeted government incentives, a strong base of innovation and individual skills coming from the Defense Forces, the local presence of major corporate drivers such as Google, Intel, Apple, IBM, Cisco, Facebook, and Microsoft; attractive venture capital investors, and a mature support structure for innovation. In the latter part of the chapter we present the Israeli automotive industry with the three major clusters: electric mobility, ADAS and autonomous driving, and smart mobility; and the automakers and suppliers present in Israel.

In chapter 2, a selection of 37 Israeli startups are presented whose activities could be of interest for DVN members. They cover four different fields: ADAS, visibility, materials, and electronics. For each company, you can find details about their activity and productss, their team with their experts and general information. All these startup companies are eager to engage with DVN members to explore collaborative opportunities.

In building this report, we've come to conclude that a meeting amongst worldwide lighting and ADAS experts and the 37 Israeli startups should be useful for all our community. More than 30 Israeli startups involved in lighting and/or ADAS should attend such an event, to take place the end of this coming November in Tel Aviv.

The American Makers in the USA Lighting Industry
Monday, 19 December 2016

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The vehicle lighting industry in the United States was long a sleepy backwater, turning out heavily cost-prioritised commodity lamps in accord with the demands of the American auto industry. As the pace of technology advancement began to accelerate in Europe and Asia, American makers were left behind through a mix of American regulatory sluggishness, American OEM chauvinism, and American culture which simply didn't care about car lights. Mostly, that kind of thinking is a thing of the past. American industry is very much awake and aware, and there's a tremendous amount of innovative engineering and design to be found from the US vehicle lighting suppliers of today.

This report shines light on some less-known American lighting suppliers, tier 1 and tier 2, to give the world's OEMs an opportunity to replace obsolete old assumptions with accurate new information. It focuses on Flex-N-Gate and Myotek, J.W. Speaker, Truck-Lite, Peterson and Grote, NAL, DBM Reflex and Sea Link, with additional emphasis on other shining lights of the American industry. Facts, figures, and photos are presented, and there are interviews with the key engineers, designers, and executives who make the magic happen.

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