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Shanghai Autoshow: Fascinating!
Monday, 22 May 2017

It is always interesting to see what is happening outside of the office. In our industry, auto shows are a perfect opportunity to do just that.
Don't miss the DVN Shanghai Autoshow Report, newly released with huge number of photos of the lights on the concept and production cars present in Shanghai.

The importance lighting receives is continuing to increase, and many people are noticing the lights first, then focusing second on the overall design of the brand. That's exactly what car designers want, instant brand identity. It was refreshing to see many vehicles exterior rear lamps and DRLs and turn signals illuminated on the show floor, a true test to establishing brand identity.
Many concepts that had the interior ambient light on as well.
Innovation with light has put another tool in the design toolbox and is giving consumers some new and exciting visual eye candy.

Exterior lighting continues to wow consumers with beauty, dimensional effects and has really become the eye-catching jewels with dynamic light, beautiful DRL surrounding beautiful segments, thin headlamps, interesting use of texture, Use of creative lighting to define brands, Several light sources in the front, rear lighting a work of art in itself, light guides are creating wide-scale beauty, creating dimension, illuminated branding, wide-front illumination, a lot of styling differentiation very useful to propose new perceived quality solutions.

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In depth...

Lighting Highlights at Shanghai
Monday, 22 May 2017

Over the past ten years, China has emerged as the world's biggest auto maket—and along with that has come increasing homegrown skill and talent. The Shanghai Motor Show presents the Chinese public with an opportunity to see the latest and greatest offerings from around the world, including right there at home. Here are some of the main takeaway points we noticed at this year's show:

Beautiful DRL integration and thin headlamps. Headlamps are migrating toward slimmer designs with sculptured lenses, beautiful chrome reflectors that divide lamps into interesting segments, and lots of jeweled elements that make the headlamp visually interesting to look at. floating DRLs are a common theme, implemented in numerous different ways.

Almost every electric vehicle on display had accent lighting prominently splashed across the full front of the car. Without a combustion engine's cooling system to cater for, the air intake grille becomes unnecessary, so providing a new canvas for designers to place light.

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