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DVN Munich Workshop: The Event of the Year in automotive lighting!
Monday, 13 November 2017

DVN will start 2018 with an event celebrating the first decade of DVN Workshops. 
Our first DVN Workshop was in Germany Stuttgart in 2008, with just 20 attendees, Ten years later, our 16th DVN Workshop will be held this coming 30–31 January in Munich with 350 attendees expected.
During these last ten years, vehicular lighting has been going through successive and accelerating waves of innovations and new technologies, affecting both light sources and lighting equipment. The quality and variety of lectures presented at our DVN Workshops reflect the exceptional character of this period marked by the convergence of the automotive and the digital ecosystems with newly integrative use of semiconductors and software, LEDs, lasers, electronics, software, IoT and comms capabilities, and now artificial intelligence. A vehicle of today contains about USD $300 worth of semiconductors; this is expected to climb to $800 on average—and very soon. Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung, LG, STMicroelectronics, and others are all competing for a stake in this new market. Thanks to the progress of V2x communications, the automotive value chain is morphing into a new mobility value chain, giving access to new entrants and requiring the repositionning of the existing participants.

For an industry faced with so many new challenges, DVN Workshops are consistently hailed as the best opportunity for strategic networking and making productive new liaisons. That's why attendance at each DVN Workshop has smashed the record attendance count of each previous one—there were 350 people in Shanghai at our final 2017 Workshop.

For this special 10th–anniversary event, we're planning an exceptional Workshop with a rubric of Digital Lighting. There'll be lectures presented by ten OEM VIPs, a presence never before achieved at a lighting congress, plus around seven set makers and around ten tier-2s. We expect to exceed the Shanghai Workshop's attendance count. Ten demo and production cars recently launched will also be presented, together with a selection of 22 exhibitors. You'll find more information and a draft docket for the Munich event in this week's in-depth article and online.

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DVN President


In depth...

Celebrating 10 Years of DVN Workshops
Monday, 13 November 2017

The next DVN Workshop, our 16th, will take place in Munich this coming 30–31 January at the grand Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. The rubric: Digital Lighting.

Shanghai DVN Workshop attendees

Topics will include HD headlamps, advanced signaling, rear and interior lighting, light communication, digitally controlled LED & laser light sources, electronics, new materials, simulation, and measurement tools. Discussions will cover repositioning in the value chain with the arrival of smart and connected digital light, the future of light modules, and ADAS on the way to autonomous vehicles.

This unique event celebrating the ten years of DVN Worshops will bring together well over 350 worldwide participants involved in lighting and ADAS: directors, managers, experts, researchers and technicians.

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